How to Choose Between Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

With so many Florida homeowners insurance companies out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. After considering what each policy covers and the price thereof, deciding on which provider to go with often seems impossible. Fortunately, there is a formula you can use to determine who should be getting your business and who should go back to the drawing board.

Choosing between Florida homeowners insurance companies is no easy feat, but your first concern should not always be the price of the policy or the notoriety of the provider. Sometimes, locally owned companies offer the better deal while larger corporations charge more. In addition, the customer service offered by smaller companies is typically friendlier and just as knowledgeable.


Tips for Choosing Between Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies


Use the following guidelines to narrow down your search for the best Florida homeowner’s insurance provider:

  • Find Out What Discounts They Offer

Not all Florida homeowners insurance companies are created equally. Some offer their policyholders dozens of money-saving incentives, including discounts for properly installed alarm systems, security hardware, weatherproofing, and energy efficient appliances. Aside from the standard policy bundle discount offered by most, a few Florida homeowners companies give an additional 10-20% off premiums for senior citizens and veterans.

  • Know What the Policy Covers (and What It Doesn’t)

The ideal time to discover what your homeowners policy covers is before you need to use it. Reputable Florida homeowner’s insurance companies will outline your coverage in an easy-to-understand way either via comprehensive documentation, agent instruction, or both. Moreover, you should be presented with several policy options based on your budget and coverage requirements. If at all possible, be sure to get a few quotes before deciding on a policy.

  • Get the First-Hand Experience with Their Customer Service Reps

The quality of any company is usually determined by the expertise and professionalism of its customer service representatives. Florida homeowners insurance companies are no exception. Agents are responsible for handling claims, answering questions, and explaining policies. If they’re not friendly, knowledgeable or easy to work with, it can make having a low-cost policy seem like a high price to pay.

  • Figure Out What/How Policy Changes Occur

Don’t be surprised when something about your coverage changes without your knowledge. Although Florida homeowners insurance companies have every right to make certain adjustments without telling you, there are some things you should try to stay aware of – the effect claims have on your premium, coverage limitations, etc.


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